The Alchemist Lyrics

I have seen great kingdoms, I've seen them rise and fall
I am a thousand years old, maybe a thousand more
The story's now forgotten, the paper's long gone dried
The ashes of the magician are spread with the wind and fire.
I am not afraid of my own blood
I can share with you so much more
Stable and balanced, I am here
Breathing in, breathing out.

Sometimes I wish that I was back in Babylon
Drinking wine with nostalgia
A blessed disease, I'd laugh at you dementia.

I can blow your mind
I can blow your mind.
The trees so stark, shake like leaves
The garden is under siege
The storm cries, war lieutenant speaks
This holy man, the alchemist.

I can blow your mind
I can blow your mind.

Put a word in my mouth and watch me swallow
Dig a hole into the ground, the funeral orchestra.
Slow down, your pace is high
Brutalized by one man's hate
Slow down, kill his love

I'm back again with perspective eyes deception still lingers on
But I am not one to categorize, I'm a free man on my own
Looking back upon the disrespect, next time I'm ready to fight
Unlike a soldier in a battlefield, I'll pull my horses back and leave.
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