Another Weekend Lyrics

Don't talk to me about parties, boy
I'd love to go, but it ain't right.
Too many lectures and too many books,
I didn't get enough sleep last night.
Gotta get up early, I got a lot of things to do,
a student's life is so hard to live!
Another week-week-weekend, boy
I want my weekend every day,
you know I feel so good inside
when I can throw my books away.

I gotta read and get research done
while all my friends are having fun.
I wish I had a remote control
to switch channels when I need the sun!
No! gotta wake up, I gotta listen to what the man says,
I'm in the rain, rain, rain again!
Another week-week-weekend, boy

University, university
With my qualifications
I will be a sensation
I'll be good for my nation
I'll be unemployed!
Another week-week-weekend, boy
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