Freshy Lyrics

[Verse: Will.I.Am]
Fly kicks, fly wear, fly gear, fly chair
Fly swag, fly bag, fly n****** that ain't fly s***
Your chick, she know, for real, she know,
Can't tell m***********, I won't go, icy, stay cold
This car right here I made, I made
I am, I am, I stay paid
You didn't know? Now you do
m*********** like me stay cool
Iglu, iglu, iglu, cool
Big w****, stay chilly,
My money so funny is silly
Look at you, look at me
Look at these, n***** please
What's this in my pocket?
This not if I lie
Big dollar, big dollar, paper guap

[Hook: Will.I.Am]
What's that? Oh, this?
Freshy, freshy
Freshy, freshy, yep
What's that? Oh, this?
This here?
Freshy, freshy
Come and look at this, n***** only here with

[Verse: Juicy J]
High price my cloth, overprice my hoes
New hoes, no fisc,
Make account, lot of chips
Get brain your b****
She loves lot of cash
Going broke ain't an option
If I want it I'mma have it
Hundred K, that's nothing
Everybody talking money
Talking chips, that's done
Start the car, push b***on
Get trippy, pop pills
White girls, snow cold
I do it for the cash, for the drugs, not a ho
n***** safe when I swear past
Get a bad b**** with a burkon bag
With a drug habbit, just roll the hash
In the strip club throwing cash
In here trapped out, money machine go beep
In here racked out, counting bands off in my sleep

[Verse: Will.I.Am]
Hot wheels be hot
May what? Maybach
Bu what? Bugatti
Masa who? Masserati
My chick got body
It shakes like jelly
Big t**, big booty, no belly
Big t**, big booty, no belly
My swag, my style, supreme, don't
So slip, so fresh, so clean, so
My boat, my plane, no more cocaine,
Uh-uh, don't sniff, that n***** idea is deep
My brain, I'm smart
This n***** right here gonna start
Big bands, big bands, gonna do it big like roll this
Mikey, Mikey, Mikey Mouse
Montaga big ol' house, no n****** sleeping on my couch
[Bridge: Will.I.Am]
What's that? Oh, this?
Freshy, freshy
Lambo, Lambo, Lamborgini
What's that? Oh, this?
Flush it, flush it
Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Louis

[Verse: Will.I.Am]
Vuiton, Christian, Louis Vuiton, red bottom
All colors, all types I got 'em
I study, I bought them
I rock, I wear, that s*** you won
Peace on, peace on, peace on Laurent
Your style be old, play out baggy
My style new s***, way out swaying
Freshy, yep, expensive, yep
I'mma buy me a jumbo jet
Least set to the New York jets
Balling, balling, balling big
Shot calling, shot calling, shot calling, yeah

[Bridge & Hook]
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