Head on My Pillow Lyrics

I've got my chest and a proud mans girl, everyone is so impressed,
the monkey pounds his chest, nothing more and nothing less.
And every word that I ever spoke and as I would not have guessed
took me further than the best, make me stronger than the rest.
Don't you worry just lay your head on my pillow if you can.
Don't you worry just hold my hand, I will help you understand.
Now they say every day that the end is near, but I don't know how long 'cause I won't be there. You can be sure that I'll take you along. On the rock we will sit under the sun. When the moon has its end I will want you to plea for the things I have said I will want you to see. When the changes appear and you need a friend I'll be there again and again and again.
Please pay attention now the mad is here I'm always the last to know
in my heart and in my soul, I'm young as well as old.
Standing alone in a crowded room with nowhere left to go
feeling out and left alone where the days are dry and cold.
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