Messiahbolical Lyrics

The time has come at last
For years we have followed the wake of his perilous rule.
Serpent of deception you will fall to your knees
When this is all said and done.
March my minions for I have freed you from your timeless chambers.
I have been dying to see you die
Among all the witnesses to my last words.
Your pitiful scheme will fail,
You will fail again.

If you only knew the harm I've caused
In my journey to cleanse you from this earth,
Every firstborn child I have slaughtered and every virgin I have defiled.
Even the blind have seen my blasphemies,
The deaf hears my sacrilege.

Fallen one I provoke thee
I created your existence
I can surely cease you of life
So kill yourself
Mindless fool
Your apprentice has expired
Banished to the netherworld from which I have spawned
Where is your sense of tyranny
You can't even keep up with your own kind.
My name is scattered amongst those who have feared this day.
I am not who you claim me to be.
Do you know what you have done?
This is what we've become.
I sense your pathetic guilt,
This is what we've become.
How you underestimate the power of denial sickens me
And I reject any last apologies.
This is the last time you hear my name
But forever I haunt your dreams of agony.
You know my name,
I am the fallen one,
I am all that is evil,
I am diabolical,
I am the end.
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