Love Is My Shepherd Lyrics

When love is my shepherd,
He leads me down,
To where troubled water
Sprung up from the ground
I found the answer
Now it seems so clear
When I see your face
I can't help but trace
That love is my shepherd
When you are here

I've lived in the darkness
I've been thru the mill,
I craved the attention
The choked on the thrill.

I found the answer
I saw it in your eyes
So sweet the surprise
Now I can see
That love is my shepherd
Now you're here with me
Today new horizons
Are filled with a joy,
Towards them I travel
With hope to employ
And I've been seduced
By failure and pride
But love is the answer inside
My future looks faithful
My prayers have been heard
And love is the reason
I carry the word

The word is excitement
This feeling is great
I carry that weight
Now I'm set free
Love is my shepherd
Now you're here with me
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