Superstar Lyrics

While your shuckin' and jivin' howdy drivin'
Rollin' in my SUV (Westside n****)
All my plus three thugs on the way to the club
And when I come you got love for me
Cause I'm a super super star (Staaaar)
You know we're super super star (Staaaar)
[Ice Cube]
Everybody know jail records sell records
Imma catch a case come to court n**** bail naked
I got the formula double murder equal double platinum
I know these b**** n***** wonderin' why I'm bustin' at em
The rich a famous ignoramus
It's kind of Haynes with the picture of the world that he paint us
The most dangerous angriest lyrics that a thug got
Ain't enough n**** where your mug shot?
Where's your drug spot n**** yous a was-not
I cant b**p your s*** if you never was shot
Before you bust a verse n**** go s***** a purse
You ain't my dogg till you laid up in a hurse
And you'll learn about loyalty when the record company
Try to f*** your family out the royalty
Your number one with a bullet and you took it in the back
g****** that n**** can rap


[Mack 10]
Now break me down check my resume tell me what it say
It's the hood or nothing cross em out and put a K
No NO it don't matter how good you spit
If you ain't hit the trauma unit they ain't playin' your s***
Who gives a f*** if your money and game up to par
Cause jail time and bullets make a n**** a star
But it's a shame you ain't gettin' no real as figures
Got these white kid fools like you some real as n*****
But most of ya'll is cowards ain't nothin' like me
Cause I'm a Westside m*********** Inglewood G
And f*** sellin' records if I gotta get murd
I'd rather put my hustle down cook and cut up work
And it ain't but a few real killas and scrapers
And all these so-called gangstas really backpack rappers
And I can care less about a battlin' skills
Cause when you b**p Mack 10 you get the real reel

f***** up down the game is f***** up now
This new rapper got shot and looked up now n****
f*** a peace service soon as Dub hit the surface
I got em shakin' and nervous cause ya'll created a murderous
Brazin' tattoo so blaze the zag fool afraid the gat you
Got my gauge right at you
f*** Paula Abdul I'm an American Idol
With my album cover posin' with a semi auto rifle
Cause murderin' vital cells and steels ain't real enough
The media wants drama so I ain't givin' a f***
If I kill me n**** won't get shot in the heart
I can hit the countdown to one-o-six and park
So bang this s*** n**** hang that s***
You say you don't but I know you love this gangsta-s*** n****
Cause bullet holes and record sales go to together
Like cops a radars ash and A and R
[Ice Cube]
To all my n***** lovin' chicken and watermelon
Talk brokin' English and drug sellin'
Rap murderous lyrics and story tellin'
You got to be a felon to get your s*** sellin'
And if it got to be that way
A n**** murder me a rapper today
It just happened today
So if I come clappin' your way
It's just to sell what a n**** sold back in the day
Bang this and my n***** get dangerous
Bang this with a four five stainless
Bang this and the b****** go painless
Bang this if you want to be famous
Bang this and my n***** get dangerous
Bang this with a four five stainless
Bang this and the b****** go painless
Bang this if you want to be famous
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