f*** You (In Memory Of...) Lyrics

Now i know it has been some days,
since you and i spoke and went our seperate ways,
and the last words that we exchanged were,
goodbye, f*** you and go the hell away
They say time heals all wounds
but if i see your face again it will be too soon
and i hope you know my heart is true,
when i say i want bad things to happen to you
(wrong song a******)

oh i've been thinking lately - f*** you
and ive been drinking baby so f*** you (x2)
now let's get something straight
my feelings for you go beyond the laws of hate
yeah the fact is you're not so great
and it wouldn't f*****' hurt you to lose some weight

and even though time has passed,
i cant forget how much you were a pain in the a**
and where you go i hope you stay,
cus i hate you f*****' more than words can say

don't f*** with me, and i wont f*** with you
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
a f*** for a f***, and this f**** for you, yeah

f*** everybody!
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