Hypnosis Theme Lyrics

Now count backward from ten
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four...
What comes after four
[sample: Escape from the Planet of Apes (dir. Don Taylor, 1971); voices: Bradford Dillmas as Dr. Lewis Dixon, Kim Hunter as Dr. Zira]
Keep concentrating
Just relax
Just concentrate and make your mind a blank
Ok relax, please take this seriously
[sample: A Midsummer Night's s** Comedy (dir. Woody Allen, 1982); voice: Woody Allen as Andrew]
Relax and have a good time

Tell me everything you remember

You're trying to hypnotize me
[sample: Alice (dir. Woody Allen, 1990); voice: Mia Farrow as Mrs. Alice Tate]
Yes, it's true
Please, breathe deeply, deeply, very deeply
And just concentrate, concentrate
Concentrate, concentrate

At the count of three you will awaken
And remember nothing
You will have no memories of these trance feelings
You will not be upset by them
One, you are coming out
Two, you are nearly conscious
[sample: Alice; voice: Keye Luke as Gr. Yang]
There's nothing unusual in you childhood
Let's examine your present life
Let us examine every detail, every detail, every detail

Now tell me what you see
[sample: Alice; voice: Keye Luke as Gr. Yang]
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