The Bitter Pill Lyrics

sometimes i'm lost and then i'm found
sometimes i feel turned inside out
i'm often silent when i'm screaming inside
instead of love we tend to hate
we never quite appreciate
how much the other person cares or tries
hold me close don't ever let me go i'm confused maybe some day i will know why
sometimes i'm right as rain and when it rains it pours you're such a mystery why can't I unlock the door
all that glitters isn't gold too much is overkill love can be beautiful or a bitter pill

and when i'm right i'm also wrong
we give and take to get along
there's so much more to this than I ever dreamed
and when you smile i have to laugh
and when you cry i'm torn in half
so calm and yet so loose at the seams
liebe kahn eine bittere pille sein
eine bittere pille
liebe ist eine bittere pille
liebe kahn eine bittere pille sein
Ich will ein bier
Ich will be soffen sein
Die ganze welt is dumm
Mir steht es so I'm hals
Ich sage dir
Die liebe kann nur luge sein

or a bitter pill
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