To Begin Again Lyrics

To begin again, was all that I needed
and maybe win again, but it seemed so far away.
And to quit the game was lookin so easy.
It was all the same, with the walls closin' in.
Everybody was dancin', every time the music played,
surrounded by walls of steel, they couldn't hear a word I'd say.
Wearing a mask of glory, so easy to pretend
I'm tired of the same old story,
I need to begin again.
And to live again and put this behind me
and to look to the sky and to breathe again
and to feel again, where no one can find me
And to taste the wind, and not be hide from the rain.

Everybody is laughing; they don't know the reason why.
In rooms filled with smoke and whiskey, nobody looks you in the eye.
With superficial conversation it's so hard to make a friend.
To find another destination, I need to begin again.
When I look around me I just wanna run away.
Everbody talks so loudly, but no one has a word to say.
I wanna see with eyes of wonder, like the innocent children.
I need a place to make my stand, then I can begin again
I need to begin again
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