Just a Love Song Lyrics

Here we are again and words are hard to find
But I guess that never was my style
All I have to offer is my song
So I play it well
'Cause it's all for you
It's just a love song
And I will sing it all for you
Just a love song
A simple melody for two
But to me it sounds just like a symphony
And when the words have come and gone
My love will linger on for you

Hope you'll understand how much you mean to me
All the ways you've brought me happiness
Just to say it isn't quite enough
So I'll play it well
And i hope you'll see

It's not easy for easy for me baby
I know it's hard to understand
I get that feeling everytime
I try to say I love you
All the feelings I have locked inside my soul
All the magic you bring out in me
You're my inpiration, my every dream
So listen well and i think you'll know

Just a love song
Just a love song for you
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