Like in a Movie Lyrics

I hope you paid attention, I hope you can recall
'Cause we kissed in the back row, our heads against the wall
But the scenes were so inspiring and the lights were very sweet
So when we get back home baby I wanna feel your heat
Dim the lights, play this scene

let's make love - like in a movie we have seen
Take your script follow my lead, in a motion so complete
Dim the lights it's plain to see, just follow my lead
Let's make love like in the movie we have seen
I really hoped that you liked it, that you enjoyed this crazy game
'Cause the script may change a little but players stay the same

Dim the lights..........

I hope it's not just acting girl, what you show is true
'cause I've seen something new now and it's just a scene for two
I hope you're a little kind and wanna play with me
'Cause you're in the leading part and it's just the chemistry
Dim the lights......
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