State of Suspense Lyrics

Tied up, down on the seafloor
No way to surface again
and every move I make is
taking my breath, strangling my neck
Just me shrouded in a nightmare
Cold water covering me
A place where light has never been

surrounding my body

Screams falling - silence
Tears are drowning
Pressure fills my veins

Opened eyes - to get rid of my chains and
Free myself - from this blackened s***e
Ignorance - blown away by the rays of the sun
enlightening my pale face

Blinded thoughts, now able to see
Thousands of colours are painting my scenery

Encaged - my selfbuilt prison
in depths nobody knows
and all my cries won't help me
out of my pain, away from my grave
Just me gliding into nothing
all my life left behind
State of suspense in frozen time

Gravity of thoughts
they pull you down
Carry you miles away
but often it is just one step
That makes you think of
how to escape
Which path to take
Like the red thread that guides you
out of your Labyrinth
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