Breakout the Violins Lyrics

A bird, a plane, a face that i can remember for days and days and days.
You are the temptation that fools the cruelest of ghouls and all that surrenders are lies and lies...so nice.
You're hundred percent of a fool, you're cruel and spew your thousands and thousands of lies to hide your grime that creeps underneath of you skin...so thin...so thin...breakout the violins!
Ashamed and dazed of us i can remember the days of rain and l***.
What happened to my surprise? Surprise! You're dust!
Your only direction is blame and shame not trust.
If only i could confuse the used with s** with a little injection of rules and tools no less.
Then i would choose to lose my friends at best...breakout the violins!
She's pretending to be playing violins and she swears to not even know.
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