Rising Sun Lyrics

Ricardo Bocci

My hands are shaking holding the gun
Why god sent me here to the front line
Politician's war I'm not a part of this
I bet that they won't take a bullet for me
All those nights I've cried in my bed
The fear of dying doesn't make any sense
The rain baptizes me in this b***** hell
When will they appear? I can't tell

Lightning, thunder and rain
Our lives are wasted in vain
Rising sun
It will come to enlighten me
The war has begun
Will I kill to survive in this?
Game of death
We are pieces played by someone else

Now my life passes before my eyes
In my childhood I used to play dead
With a wooden gun in my hand
Learning this horror innocently
Bullets, bombs and a flare
Soldiers shooting everywhere

My hands are tired of holding this gun
I let it fall down, hitting the ground
My eyes are blinded by the rising sun
I cry the death of all those around
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