Fire (Aim Your Arrows High) Lyrics

Take a look around
Our time's almost running out
Give back what you get,
Uproot questions in your head
The looking-glass is clear...
What you want is near... nearly gone

Shoot out all the lights, hold your ground, we'll hit the sky
It's time you aim your arrows high
Take down all the doubt, cast it out, let's do it now
It's time we aim our arrows high
Sewn into your soul,
This is out of our control
Be who you need to be
There's no other you or me

The angst you hold, you got to let it go, let it go!
Said to myself "I'm so alone", but I'm never alone...
I'll talk and walk to find the impossible
Yes, we're hexed
Stuck in a mess
We're all such a wreck!
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