USA for Satan Lyrics

There's a land that's quite unique
Warriors roamed for centuries
All they knew was harmony
Not the world's atrocities
But one day - demons came
Killing creed - start to breed

USA - USA - a suitable location
USA - USA - USA - USA for Satan

Salem's witches bred like rats
Inquisition twisting facts
Fastest gun is hunted down
Comes to rest in old ghost town
Sorcery - slavery
Hang 'em high - watch them die

USA - USA - the Devil's destination
USA - USA - USA - USA for Satan
Dark recession poverty
Gangsters prohibition breeds
Angels ride on bikes from Hell
Terrorists with bombs to sell

Deadly snakes - fires and quakes
Rock n' roll - UFO's

USA - USA - a satanic nation
USA - USA - USA - USA for Satan
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