Children's Limbo Lyrics

"In the next life...
The one that's waiting for us after we die, where would you have gone?"
"Oh, no..."
"Where, Nicholas."
"To the Children's Limbo"
"What is the Children's Limbo?"
"One of the 4 hells..."
"Which are?"
"Ooh, me me me me me, me!"
"No no no, let him answer, which are?"
"...There's the hell where the d***ed go..."
"Then there's pergatory..."
"...and the bidding of abraham where the just go, and limbo, where children go."
"At the center of the earth... where it's very, very hot...
That's where children go."

"They're d***ed... forever.
Think about it.
Try to imagine, the end of eternity.
Close your eyes, close your eyes and try to imagine it.
Pain, forever.
Forever. Think about it."

As you hear the eyelids fall...
He's taking her to where the d***ed rule the world...
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