Sever the Voices Lyrics

We all know what lies behind the walls of deceit
These are the thoughts that keep him awake

He contemplates his fate
He has to decide
What it is he truely wants
An hour of pleasure, or two ruined lives?
He has to decide.
He can't sever the voices, from his mind.

The time is now.
What is his choice, not what is his fate.
To destroy all that is beautiful in not only his life, but her's too?
Seperate the time and place, he has come to the end.
He holds onto false ideas of what makes a man.
He thinks no more about the love of another,
He chooses to only satisfy himself.
Selfishness is not the word.

He has chosen,
But he knows this is wrong.
He inserts death for l***.
She grieves.

He knows better but chooses his path and now he must live with this.
She walks in, face like death.
She puts her hands around his weak and sweaty neck.
He's turned cold blue now.

There is blood and there's tears, for this occassion.
She can't sever the voices from her mind.
They held each other down.
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