Get Back to Serenity Lyrics

Get Back To Serenity

The warm air is flowing over your skin
The wind is whispering secret things
Feel the silence deep inside
Imagine a sunset embracing the night
Diving deep into your mind, you can let your soul unwind
There's no fear to keep you down
Trust yourself with your own sound

Get back to serenity
Come on strong, set your spirit free
Get back to serenity
Tune yourself in to a true reality

Where do you come from, where do you go
Is there a reason that keeps you in flow
Walking on water lighter than air into the ocean now you are there
Peace of mind is all around
Rising up when the sun goes down
Into the ocean of your bliss
Into the light where your home is
The Moment

Now's the moment to let go of every burden that weighs me down
Open my mind, releasing all my worries, all my pain

Far away...I soar away...I float away...I fly away...

I am weightless, boundless, being one with all I am
I'm expanding awareness, take a glance at the mystery
Far away...I soar away...I float away...I fly away...

The Flow

Step by step you move along
Heading for where you belong
Move on up but take your time
On your way you're sublime

The flow below makes action grow
Flow below lets creation flow

Slow it down to find your way
Trust yourself, you'll be okay
Can you feel what's called the flow
Deep inside and way below
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Massage Musical, Volume II: The Residence Mauritius (2003)
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