I Wonder If You Ever Lyrics

I wonder if you ever think about me
or am in the back of your mind for
it seems you've taken pleasure
in making a fool out of me
i've never had to be so together on
my own
once y had a dream
y saw two lover's by the sea
but now the mention of you name
just drives me mad
life was like a movie screen
when you and y were seventeen
now all that's left are footprints in
the sand
it doesn't really matter
where that long road takes us
in our world it's only a matter of time
never really gainning out of like what
we ought to
to keep from sleeping further and
further down the line
once y had a dream ...

cause there only one way
y can really make you happy
andits the one way y could never live
the mention of your name
it really drives me crazy
when y think how good things might have been

once y had a dream ...
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