Flaneur Lyrics

I remember, when we use to
talk about leaving town
and laugh about those
who couldnt understand our minds
drinking coffe, smoking all night
protesting about the empy minds
of those who
couldnt understand our fight
how you dare to
look at me like that
you know they are not
better than us
speaking of lying
now I see you trying
to forget all the things
that we use to fight for
And you laugh about
the believers
and those who adore idols
theres no need to
put on your knees
for a dream or two
a dream or two
But you are just like me
and I'm sorry if
I don`t know about more things
And i'm not deep enough
I'm not deep enough
and I never did
But I tried, god I swear I did
I'm all what you see
and I need those things
You cant give away
And i hope someday you`ll understand
And i hope you find my way
I hope you find my way
I hope you find my way...
I hope so
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Inhuman (2007)