Truth Hurts Lyrics

Yeah umm
See it's situations like this
That causes us players to get caught up
In umm the truth
What you doing, where you been?
I paged you and you ain't hit me back
I been callin' and I know you see my number on that caller I.D.
Just listen to the words

I got reason to believe that you've been foolin' around
The way you feel, the passion in us
The things you did
It don't matter to me
For what it's worth just don't lie to me
Cause that ain't what I need right now
Baby, everything we built on trust
You're tearing it down
Cause I know the truth hurts {truth hurts}

Tell me the truth now
What cha been doing and who
Ya been doing it with {truth hurts}
Where you been going and
How you been putting ya thing down {truth hurts}
Whatever youz was working I
Hope that it was worth it baby {truth hurts}
I got reason to believe that you been foolin' around
Girl, I'm really tryin hard to understand
I want to move on and put it in the past
Cause, you claim that you ain't doin' nothing
Must be my insecurities
It's got the best of me right now
What I know I can't hold it inside of me
It's gonna drive me insane

Sing it with me now...
I can't hold on {truth hurts}

Now wait a minute
Oh, listen babe {truth hurts}
The truth is I've got the secret
I've been keeping from you baby
Cause I know that you
Will tear up the place
Punch me in my face
Pull the hot clips out
I think you need to sit down oh
I been blaming you
When I the one doing wrong
I'm gonna go on
My guilty conscience
Is the real reason I wrote this song

[Chorus: x2]
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