One Night With You Lyrics

I don't wanna put no chains on you
I just wanna be here loving you
Cause you touch me in the place
That puts a smile right on my face
But I don't wanna be holding you
Baby only for an hour or two
I want you with me
In these arms for all eternity
I don't wanna put you under pressure
I just wanna spend some time together
So Baby if it's just for one night

Give me just one night with you
Every day of your life
One kiss every morning
After a hundred kisses each night
Give me just one night with you
Everyday for all time
It would be so right
Every day to have just one night with you
Love the things you say, the way you move
I'd love to stay here making love with you
'Cause you're just so good to hold
And you've wrapped your arms around my soul
Ah come on and take this heart of mine
You can have it till the end of time
I want you to be part of every single part of me


Baby give me your kisses for a lifetime
Baby show me your smiling face each day girl
Baby hold me in your heart forever
'Cause I need you by my side
And I won't be satisfied

[Chorus 2x]
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