Tukka Yoot's Riddim (Roberto's Riddim remix) Lyrics

Because di riddim it cool, riddim it nice, riddim it sweet,
riddim in check
'Cos some a dem a big up dem mout'
But dem know how fi check
'Cos mi cooler dan dem, cooler dan ice, cooler dan di north
'Cos dem want fi go test di rude bwoy but dem just can't do it
Whole heep dem want fi tackle and want fi impress
But you know say di artikal rude bwoy comin' live and direct

Because some a dem a big, some a dem small, some a dem kinda
Nowadays girls dem just look how di Tukka eat
'Cos dem want see mi nice, want see mi sweet, want see mi now
and everywhere
'Cos mi sit pon top a di riddim and just don't care
Because dem want see mi test, want see mi dis, want see mi now
and like a dat
Because you know say di Tukka Yoot mi just a bubble pon di spot
Because you know say mi nice, know say mi sweet, know say mi
better dan di rest
Who know see di Tukka Yoot, come catch him live and direct
Know mi all over town, know me six foot two, and mi come in a
dance, you know mi do it for you
Cooler, cooler dan ice
Nicer, nicer dan breeze
Ready fi di nice up any dance because you know mi do wid ease
Follow mi now one, follow mi now
Follow mi now two, follow me
And three and four
'Cos you know say di Tukka Yoot mi come fi knock pon your door
But enuff a girls nowadays dem just like how mi chat
'Cos a riddim and blues, riddim and blues
Riddim and blues, riddim and jazz
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