Any Given Sunday Lyrics

Welcome to you're full of s*** 101,
This is a crash course for all the fortunate ones.

Now there will be no searching for reason so kiss your a** goodbye.
Step down, I'm f****** sick of it all
We can fight our way out of the light,
We can climb out of hell one inch at a time
This is your new resolution
A last chance to redeem your treason
You glory days die
This is reality but not the one you see.

All the fake smiles hiding the truth inside you and all your wretched ways
Now will pay the ultimate price
Scum of the earth
You will suffer eternal demise.
Feel these words burn
As they come one by one straight into your black heart
Someday a real rail will come and wash the scum from the streets
Theres no handouts when your whole world is drowning in a river of greed.
So how the f*** does it feel?
How does it feel to be cast out and all alone?
The more you take the less you give
Its all because in the end you're all the same
Where's your fortune and fame?
Watch it fading away
Where's your fortune and fame?
It's fading away
Scum of the earth, you will suffer eternal demise.

To the highest mountain I will climb
Just to throw you off and say goodbye one last time.
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