Scilence Lyrics

i couldn't listen to my heart
my heart is dead, my heart is dead
i couldn't hear your cries for help
i continued to entrust instead
i couldn't open up my arms
my strength is weak, my body's numb
you fell victim to my charms
you couldn't see what i've become

i'm the devil in disguise
i'm your waking dreams of death
i'm the killer of your soul
i'm your last intake of breath
i'm the voices in your head
i'm the bearer of the cross
i'm the angel fallen down
i'm the one who truly lost
i couldn't listen to your pleas
i couldn't stand to let you go
you had no choice of this disease
i led you further down below
i couldn't see the way i was
my eyes are dead unto all
you opened up my wounds and flaws
just in time to see my fall
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