Breaking Through Lyrics

I'm filled with questions
That have no answers
They concern problems
That are forgotten
Feelings of hatred
Mistrust and sorrow
This world needs changing
Break through the darkness
Some people don't understand
What they cannot see
They would much rather
Fight amongst each other than
Work for unity!
(repeat first verse and chorus)
1, 2, 3!
Some people have a warped reality
For things they don't understand
They would much rather turn away
Than lend a helping hand
Well maybe, now just maybe
If they stopped and asked themselves why?
The distant battle torn dove of freedom
Would once again return to fly
Unity, yes, unity is what we're all about
Breaking through all of life's barriers
And erasing all forms of doubt
So when life seems like it's too much
To bare and you think of giving in
Lean on me, your fellow man
For I am your friend
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