Never Mind the Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures Lyrics

No, you can't believe it's true
They can't be pulling a fast one
You count your blessings
But it's never enough
Never enough
Now you're living life
In the pass lane
You've got your foot
On the brakes
You'll never take a risk
Never again never again

It's always the same
Things fade
But nothing ever changes
Level the playing field
But keep the pieces
In relative motion
I get it, I get it, I get it
Its always the same
These days
We live in an ashtray
Breathing Smoke
No you can't put a facade
Between yourself and the truth
You've got to break it down
Break it Down
Break it Down
We've been taking losses
We should be taking offices
We should be making promises
We intend to keep
It's always the same
Things change
But never when you need it
You can show us
The campaign
But no one's ever watching
Don't you get it?

It's always the same
A lead rain
But never on the front page
A red stain
But never on the hands
Of the ones
Who Pull the strings
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