Souls Alive Lyrics

Shot in the dark, walk in the park
Hiding frustation, refusing to talk
Loosing your mind, pretending nothing is wrong.
Ooh, such a lonely child
Hiding the tears, wasting of years
Trapped in a world of despair

Kneel to insanity, don´t let the cries be heard
They are the young hearts that suffer in the end
Will need some time to make amends
Will need to find another way

The cloth was only a disguise,
Abuse of power, simple lies
Heaven, keep these souls alive
Blank is the face, show no disgrace
Feeling alone in this gathering place
Reading the lines, but none define what they do

Ooh, what a contious child
Open their mind, reasons we´ll find
Why must one be so betrayed?

They see the light, feel the hand on their shoulder
Wrong or right? they don´t want you to know
Who´s to blame? when the worlds in denial
Where´s the shame? can you look them in the eyes?
Look at them in their eyes.
Can you see our demise?
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