You're Ever So Inviting Lyrics

The time has come for you
To sit this out
To fit inside your mold
And would be to sell myself short
This ground we tread upon
Is now filling up our necks
We turn the pages left to right
We see everything

Oh, my story's growing, it is
On my last request
Don't make me feel so contradicting
There's no room for cheating and being

Failure leaves such a bitter taste in their
And on the last hour
We write so many new chapters again
And on the outside
Wehre there are no surprises

Oh, it's getting longer
To see it through their eyes
Would bring me so much closer
You can do this night after night
Failure leaves such a bitter taste in my
Taste and see, I swear I know what's good
Be still and know that they won't lie to you
Every single time you're facing lies
I know why you never take your eyes off me
I've used my lungs for everything but

I find myself dried up in this conversation
So pull me out, pull me aside
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