I'm Just a Man Lyrics

I cried last nite
First time in years
I tried to fight
But I didn't want to hold back the tears
Does it come as such a big surprise
I've got to make you realize
That I'm not what you think I am
I'm nothing more than just a man - oh yeah
I'm just a man x4

The fear of death
Has left me stunned
The years gone by
And what's been done
I'm sorry for the way I've been
God please wash away my sin
[I can't escape this place I'm in]
Look down upon my circumstance
Please give me a second chance - oh yeah
I'm just a man x4
I cried last nite
I faced my fears
You may be strong
But there is no strength where there are no tears
Now I'm not into playing games
Or lifting up my holy name
But there's one thing I'd like to do
I'd like to learn to live and cry with you
I'm just a man x4
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