Wings of Disembodiment Lyrics

Awake, you Working People!
The day has arrived in which you will stare into the eyes of those who subjugated you to their lands.
Tear you chains and hang them!
You won't be other than their lash and judges.
Chosen people , to you I am speaking!
We have been commissioned a godwill mission:
We cannot allow those filthy ubermenschen dishonour our glorious past.
May their infected blood feed those who are about to follow them.
Scar their skin.
Remind them their origins.
Remind them their fate!
You won't be other than their lash and judges!

Once the leaders had rise in an ordinary men machine.
Their masks were used no longer.
Unconcern is the only way to carry a nation's weeping.

It's late to apologize when a civilian is listening just what he wants to.
The sound of masses reaches a primitive frequency.
My finger's orders become an absolute control

Via propaganda.

Believe as fast as you can.
Let the word supports
the point of no return,
to confess the point of no regret.

Weapons and bread support the tower of clay feet.
Years of tenderness wasted by the flight of a bullet.
A postal service which sends dead birds not roses.
Won't you realize!we act the same as our very enemy! (Shut him up!)
We tear off their human condition and make them turn into beasts... (Someone stop the traitor!)
... or something even worse
That's how they work for us
We let them die and they still thank our redemption for their lives
When I stare at my face in the mirror I can only see them

May revolution smash their bodies!

For those who die for our glory

Running throught a bloodstained land
Among mutilated corpses
A land formed by human flesh
Irrigated with blood

The whistling of the bullets
Are merged with dying cries
Of souls leaving their bodies
A thousand of rotting corpses
Crawling throught a rain of Limbs
When all notion of time is lost
A wave of death sweeps the fields
Absorbing until the last life's drop

Life hangs from a thread
The smell of death and fear
Is spreading between chaos
There is just a target: TO SURVIVE!

Watching the face of horror throught a pool of blood
Never! Never! Never no victory will replace our shed blood

They burnt our lifes!

The Ruins of our nation
Broken families crying for unidentified corpses
A flag worn out by the blood and tears
Courage lies among the ruble

They burnt our lifes!
Blinded by the light of their lies
Smashed by the weight of the unforeseen
Never, no victory will replace our shed blood!
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