Songs About Me, Songs About You Lyrics

Well you've been movin' all down that highway
You can turn another page
And if you finally get to the old folks home
Then you can finally act your age
I can make a million dollars
And you can spend it as fast as it comes
And you can sit there and cry on a bed full of lies
And be thankin' that you got you some
They'll be songs about me
They'll be songs about you
They'll be songs about everything from money to booze
But there won't be no songs of regret
'Cause I ain't wrote no songs like that yet
No I ain't wrote no songs like that yet
You can hear me on the radio
You can see me on TV
You can dig you a hole to find your soul
And it gets you away from me
You can run as fast as an hourglass
You can fly as high as the wind
See you can be strong for as long as you like
But you'll end up right back where you can

I got a song from Rally to Cajun
I've been told I got away with words
I've been told that I'd be loved forever
But it's been only lies that I've heard
I've been bold in my days
I've been goin' my ways
I've been packed up and moaned and gone right away
I belong to a song for as long as I say
But I'll always have a song to play


No I ain't wrote no songs like that yet [x8]
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