Curse in the Trees Lyrics

Take me through the tall black trees and drag me through
the fields, I've been sitting waiting for you here
Push me past the villagers as they bay for my blood, you
begin my torture as they cheer
I'm ready for you now
I don't feel it, the pain and suffering
Don't hear me screaming as you whip the flesh
See me crawling through the square, you wrought my skull
but I'm not there
Bound and tortured for crimes of witchery, the rich man
bought it, now I pay the price
Burn me alive and say a prayer, my body charred but I'm not there
You, you'll fall at your knees
Death, from the curse in the trees
When I lay dead, I will rise again
I'll seek revegeance and you'll pay the price.
See me watching from the trees
As I fly on through the breeze
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