I Ain't Takin' No Shorts Lyrics

[Tim Dog]
Hey yo Ced
I can't believe that A&R person put us on hold
for all the happy rap man!
[Ced Gee]
Word Dog, she must have been buggin
Yo Keith man, she actually really thought we was takin shorts
Talkin 'bout, wait 'til next month
When she'll sign us when her boss gets back
Hey yo Keith man, tell 'em whassup man
How you feel about bein put on hold for all this happy rap?

[Kool Keith]
Happy rap, is not my style
I never sweat and walk with a smile
like you do, comin out like doo doo
On the a*** tip, b*** MC's flip for
They try to play the time on a small tour
Small cash, small floor
Small digits, perpetratin a fraud
In their face, I'm thinkin out with bass
Jackin ace, king or queen, hype and dope
Nice and nice, comin out of the woodwork
Happy rap, polka dots and ties
Clowns who demonstrate in front of your eyes
I'm a businessman, steppin out more serious
You get curious and lookin for a hit of this
I'm on the mic to speak and I realize
Rappers are sellin out, screamin and yellin out
Talkin the weak whack, dancin and fallin out
All on the floor, lookin out at the circus
Two little pigs, tryin to move and work this
Jerk this, now get your hand off the mic
As I grow and grow, grow and grow, grow and grow
Now call me grand Poppa Large
I'm a hustler, and I ain't takin no shorts

And I ain't takin no shorts {*3X*}
Yo Ced, I know you down with all this happy rap
Why don't you tell me about it?

[Ced Gee]
Aight, bust it
No shorts taker, kickin the flavor
Ced Gee is a wise man, with knowledge I gave the
Beat whack a chance to cut the gap in rap
and snap, out of the happy rap phony
Attack with metaphor, I'm strictly teachin
My rhymes'll steady swarm, with words that's reachin
youth, to tell you I'm mad about
The rappers who clown around, I think they're sellin out
They cry, they hide and lie, then try to make
the lucky hit, tune, then die
Wreck up the business, I guess it's just what they do
While artists like me, stick with rhymes 'til I'm Ultra proof
The man of vision's intuition are proficient
To change rap course, I'm on a mission
like no one, could ever imagine
I'm takin no shorts, because I ain't havin it
And that's not all, I just feel I have to get mines
I'm not dissin, I'm just correctin a problem
For me and my brother man
Rap is soft now, so I must take a stand
And build and drill and ill and rebuild
Rhymes are appealin and reappearin
It seems, you know what I mean
You've been schooled by Ced Gee, so sweet
So be a boss a force of course and take no loss
if suckers try to cross
Just remember... I ain't takin no shorts, yeah!
Yeah, I ain't takin no shorts!
That's what I'm talkin about, I ain't takin no shorts
Not in 90, not in 2000, I ain't takin no shorts
Hey yo Keith I know you got somethin else to say my brother
[Kool Keith]
Happy rap, walkin out with a clown suit
The red suit, the green and brown suit
Look at'cha, I wanna throw a hook at'cha
Eggs and rocks, I need to wail a book at'cha
Back and forth, talkin out real loud
While you scream out "shout," disrespect the crowd
On the money tip, get back money grip
When I pick up the mic, turn around and flip
To the left side, I like to move and swing low
Cut up a rhyme and drop it out on a single
More rhymes are funny now, happy and silly now
Happy-go-lucky, on the mic and meanwhile
You standin still, lookin out for a good rhyme
Makin the whack junk, wastin my good time
Aiyyo Tim, why don't you tell 'em what it's like out here on these streets

[Tim Dog]
I ain't takin no shorts, suckers tryin to play me like I thought
But Tim Dog got rhymes of all sorts
I crush them up and bust they fuss and discuss the hush
Think you're better than Dog? You'll end up
either dead or in a theoretical copacetical alphabetical
hypothetical, now watch me let it go
My rhymes are hard, yeah
I pulled your card, yeah
Labels don't know why rap ain't sellin?
Too much dancin and too much yellin
So take the time to learn some metaphors
Then you get better for, so you can just let it pour
So you can be like Tim Dog of course
And just remember, I ain't takin no shorts
Yeah, believe that
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