Bizarre Lyrics

[Tim Dog]
d*** man, yo Keith
I can't believe you got me in some f***** zoo man
We coulda got with some b******, whassup?
[Kool Keith]
I know, but f*** that
Check out, these animals are beautiful, relax!

[Tim Dog]
Man we coulda got with some b******
and you got me in the f***** zoo?

[Kool] Look at the giraffe, she has a pretty a**
[Tim] What?
[Kool] The giraffe!
[Tim] Aw man, you - you like animals now m***********?
[Kool] C'mon man, I'm just spendin time with the animals
[Tim] Aw man, you know youse a bizarre n****

[Intro: Kool Keith]
Hey baby, yeah who dyed your hair blonde?
I like the streaks
Oh, I like the way your b*** look
Uhh, now why don't you change in the bathroom
I'ma look through the peephole, peek-a-boo!
Yeah - it's that kinky

[Kool Keith]
I used to grab honies by they neck, p*** on they eyebrows
Open they r***** to throw the bombs down they a******
BOOM! I blew them panties out the room
Emergency, emergency, it's a urgency
Her a****** out of order, her stomach ain't workin B
The doctor there with penicillin for her b***head
Operation attack, wires hooked on the booty
With three lights and rubber gloves tryin to find the coochie
Her legs were splattered, flyin on the f***** camcorder
I heard the big explosion loud on the tape recorder
I was experimentin, f***** with a new invention
I got nervous and called back the escort service
I wind up jerkin off
[Chorus: unknown voice] + (Kool Keith)
Slow down, one second
Excuse me miss, I can't believe I'm about to leave this
(Look in the mirror) Psycho melodic you jump on my tip
(You got the Vaseline?) Takin me there, with just one kiss
(Alcohol, my sores, Listerine pouring down my eye)

[Kool Keith]
And you know
I used to mix soda pops and alcohol with cough drops
Then rub they knee caps and smear they face with Sugar Smacks
Open they b***s and pour ammonia down they p**** cracks
Then fight they fire, pull they hair apart with metal pliers
f*** them with two stiff drinks, up on the kitchen sinks
Make them pour Ajax, lick Comet off my nutsac
Hold me tight with baseball gloves, crank the purple light
I used to m********* to tapes, "Planet of the Apes"
I like Zera, I always wanted to f*** her, get near her
And tell Cornelius get back and let her feel this
I'm on some groove s***, not generic new improved s***
With swimmin trunks in bed, my black shoes painted red
Some hoes are rookies, my sheets filled with oatmeal cookies
Can you put more Oreos in the bed?
[Chorus: unknown voice] + (Kool Keith)
Slow down, one second (more milk, in the pillow)
Excuse me miss, I can't believe I'm about to leave this
(The goodness) Psycho melodic you jump on my tip
(Grease, from the kitchen) Takin me there, with just one kiss
(Crisco, is what we need)

[Kool Keith]
And you know, yeah
Can you bring that gorilla over here
She looks so good
I want a female giraffe, with extensions, and loooong boots
Look at the a** on that animal
I love, to make love, to little babboons
That is one of my favorite fetishes
And lick that alligator
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