Free (Mood II Swing extended vocal mix) Lyrics

Where did we go wrong

Where did we lose our faith
My brother is in need

But can he depend on me

Do you think if one of you tried

Maybe you could find

A better friend than any other

If you gave more than you took

Life could be so good

Come on and try

Nows the time


cause youre free

To do what you want to do

Youve got to live your life

Do what you want to do

Do what you want

Do what you want to do

Are we all strangers

Does anyone really care

Deep down were all the same

Trying to hide our pain

You think you can never trust another

cause theyre all out to get ya

We have to live in this world together

If we open up our hearts

Love can finally start
Come on and try

Nows the time


Bridge when youre down and youre

Feeling bad

Everybody has left you sad

Feels like no one will pull you through

Its your life whatcha gonna do

Make that change lets start today

Get outta bed get on your way

Dont be scared your dreams right there

You want it reach for it


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