Letter of the Law Lyrics

Hear the law!
Fear the law!
Here comes the law!
Feed the law!
Fear the law!
We have the license to kill
Poison all!
Lock them up and shoot them at wall!
Lies on stilts - break their wills
Schock and awe - we're laying down the law!

Letter of the law keeps the people small!
Keepers of the law - we bring shock and awe
We bring the war - need to keep the people small

Let them fall - keep them small
We decide who gets the ball...
Let them toil - till our soil
Steal their civil liberties
Turn their friends to enemies...
Salva nos! Salva!

Shock and awe - rockets soar
We are now above the law!
We want war - we want war!
Like you've never seen before!

An eye for an eye is our alibi...

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up to the nightmare!
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up to the nightmare!
Welcome to the New World Order
Terror without borders
Welcome to the war!
Welcome, welcome to the new world
Welcome to the nightmare
We must bow down to law and order
Kneel down before us
We'll elect you and protect you

Too much power in one man's hand
Yes, Mr. President

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord
Heed the spirit of the law...
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