Becoming the Lycanthrope Lyrics

Revelation or annihilation.

The futile and the fanatics
That is all we are
With scalpel incisions and flapping tongues
Bury the limbs of the hopeless.
Clambering onto the funeral pyre, overwhelmed
Sacrifice and sedition
Let the ashes of our cancer rise
To be inhaled by the congregation.
Carry your doctrine into the flames
Or swallow it whole and exit the wake.

As the smoke blackens the horizon
Revel in your decision (delusion)
As the inferno turns to embers
Breathe in the essence of despair.

p*** on the ash and the bones of the dead
Laugh and rejoice as the black turns blood red.
But your carnivorous smile betrays
Revealing the teeth that will devour us all.

A grin to mark the end of days.
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