Criminal Lyrics

Oh criminal tell me one thing

You're sickened by humanity
What have you to manage now?

You're one more causality, I wake up

Won't you Sit take off your make up so we can see you?

I told it to you straight somehow

You didn't hear a thing

It's sad, what a shame

If the western world won't save you now

Then tell me what's your plan
Will you fight to the end?

Say it, say it out loud

Say it again please, I cannot hear you

It's all the lies and mediation

I feel manipulated these days, these days

Your back and forth, you lead us to this
It's only my entire life you banked on my friend

Oh my life's just hanging by a thread

But you played the whole way

Didn't you save me, save me?

All that mattered to you was the cash

But you took us for a ride

It didn't last, it didn't last
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