Fail To Grow Lyrics

Easily driven
Madly insane
Threatening shadows
Deep in my brain
There is not enough air
To clear out the smell
Tied down by these
Ripping hands
Thieves in the temple
So i cover my face
A million fingers spread
All over the place
I'm filled up inside with this
Strangling taste
Every catch of breath is like a
Suffocating waste
Violently drowning
In flashes of flesh
Screaming silence
Mentally messed
Still coming on to me
I drown from within
The shadows will vanish
If i wash away my skin
To hard to think
The noise is too loud
Everyth thought is added to a
Screaming mental crowd
There is no escape
And i can't break the spell
Eternaly held back and trapped
Inside my private hell
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Unicorn (2008)
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