Fresh Mode Lyrics

Well my name is andy c and i can guarantee
That if you wanna be down then down is where i'll be
I'm on fresh mode i rock fresh mode
I rap fresh mode i'm on fresh mode
And i'm dizzy dustin bustin' that's my trade
And all you sucka alligators gotta get soufled
I'm on fresh mode i'm on fresh mode
I'm on fresh mode i'm on fresh mode

Hey let me plummet from the summit to the scene as bactine
To clean away the rotten bacon fakin' sizzling
I wanna make your feelings cool let's get you a towel
With a style i keep it fresh like a produce aisle
What's up to the guys with especially you ladies
If it's jiggling baby then go ahead maybe

Rock to the rhythm to the roll to the rap
People stand in line when my rhymes are on tap
They color me fresh with the flesh crayon
And if it doesn't stay on i got a can of spray on
So you can see how top choice we get

Yo man i come fresher than a moist toilette
Now some of these players play mister big salami
But truth be told they're fold like origami
And cease to make moves 'cause they get stuck in the tarpit

When they try to spill shame
On my stain resistant carpet
In combat i'm a diving wombat
When i'm locked in i'm a rugrat well get on that
I adjust my bird sight to terminate a termite
And torpedo a mosquito 'cause i hate a bug b***
I put the dark vibes in the archives to stay

I'm done feeling drowsy and lousy today
And if you feel the same way
Come check us at a spot with no dress code
We're on fresh mode
We're on fresh mode
We're on fresh mode
We're on fresh mode
We're on fresh mode
This fresh breath mint gets dropped like a hint
I see them but they can't see me like limo tint
I'm lint under a black light i stand out
While you rap to flashlight and fan out
Put an embargo on the cargo
Your shipping days are through

You better call [unverified]
(who are you?)
I'm andycat
(i didn't know that)

We went through stacks and stacks of old wax
To bring it back
Now i don't smoke buddha can't stand cess
But i'll eat a couple ruffles 'cause they're guaranteed fresh
I'm like indiana jones dodging skulls and bones
Not to mention fancy cars and cellular phones
I see the circus on the surface it's the pipe no doubt
All these leaks from the spout 'cause the freaks to come out
The buzz around town says you gotta

You gotta
If it's anything less than fresh don't say nada
Ugly duckling in your ear
With young einstein on the fader
Cutting like a cheese grater

Now we gotta be sonny bono's ex and share a song
That hits heads like hair care so pull up a chair
Others want the cash prize and may commercialize
They're sly like a fry guy stealing my fries

But it's about nothing but love
When we rockin' your pound
Not depeche mode
We're on fresh mode

Now where's young einstein
(the man with the beats to cause a disaster)
He's on mode he's on mode
(fresh fresh)
He's on mode he's
(fresh so fresh)

And this is ugly duckling groove galore
We rock from the clouds to the ocean floor
We're on fresh mode we're on fresh mode
We're on fresh mode we're fresh
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