Thirty Years Lyrics

Chasing rainbows for a lifetime
then left you girl {left to go}
Like shadows from the sun,
Run into traces
Of faces you thought you saw
But never seemed to mean much more {But never seemed to me much more}
than echoes of a day gone by {echoes of a day gone by}
When someone else would have to try
To light the stars
......In your sky.
[Your dark sky]
All the things you planned
Just sand castles washed away
On tidal waves of tears,
fears overpowering
Your complex dreams just slither down
drowning in rocky pools,
Or smashed and dashed
On peril's course, divorcing prematurely
thoughts {On peril's course, forcing prematurely}
Of lasting love
......In your life.
Sometime when you've time to spare {Sometime we need time to spare}
Feeling of missed opportunity
Spare a tear and douse your bridge...
30 years and on the ledge....
All the things you planned
30 years in bed.
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