Walker of the Dark Lyrics

Creeping in the moonlight
Hiding all demands
Always in frustration
Sticky, dirty hands
Smelling on the underwear
Filling body holes
Drinking human liquids
Better when it's cold
I am a walker
I am a stalker
Living free and living fast
Coming in the shadows
Who is there behind the mask
Passenger of pleasure
Walker of the dark
Mover in the twilight
Walker of the dark
Squirting in the moonlight
Pulling on the rubber
Another ecstasy
A fisting in the morning
Licking dirty feet
A rat runs up the tunnel
Satisfies the needs
Chained up in the dungeon
A pain way to be pleased
I am a walker
I am a stalker
A ramrod dirty talker
Living free and living fast, ...
Walker of the dark, ...
Walker - I am a stalker - pleasure
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