Stretch (She Better) Lyrics


Girl, I've been thinking of ways, thinking of ways
Thinking of new ways to beat that p**** down
[Verse 1]
Said a n**** been stressing you out
(Always gotta hear that n**** mouth)
Imma come through when he leaves and stretch that p**** out
I brought my gun just in case
(I'll shoot that n**** in the face)
You don't even know your worth
(Need to put that n**** in his place)
n**** stay all in your face
(You text me, "I miss your face")
We ain't got no worries
Imma take my time, don't rush me
When I

Stretch it, stretch it out, stretch it, stretch it out
Imma stretch that p**** out, stretch it, stretch it out
Stretch it, stretch it out
Stretch that p**** out, Imma stretch it, stretch it out

[Verse 2]
Imma let you climb on top and get up on it
(Spin you around and push up on it)
Your n**** ain't got nothing on me
(Said he been around a minute and he still don't know you)
He don't ever hit it slow
He don't hold you by the throat when he beat it up
He don't ask you how you feel
Been a whole d*** year since he ate it right
He don't appreciate you
Plus, he ain't big enough like (abbreviation)
Imma come through and
[Hook] + [Bridge]

Stretch, stretch it out
Stretch, stretch it out

(She Better)

[Verse 1]
Baby just moved out got her own place
Looking for a brand new n****
Her ex always trying to control her
n**** can't even support her
She gonna twerk it for some new nails
Twerk it for some new hair
Get money, f*** n*****
Get money, give no care

Independent b****, says she get her own s***
And she never got a handout
Got her own crib, she don't look like other b******
Baby always gonna stand out
What a broke n**** gonna tell her?
When a rich n**** want you, she better
She better (x2)

[Verse 2]
b****** ain't s*** to a real n****
n***** ain't s*** to a real b****
We ain't got time for no games
Got her mind on her money on some real s***
These n***** wanna look like rappers
Spend money on their clothes than their own kids
Girl, you don't need a n**** like that
You need somebody that's gonna take care of business
That girl's an

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

She better twerk it for a real n****
Drop it down for a real n****
Pick it up for a real n****
Back it up on a real n****
Do a trick for a real n****
Buy a fifth for a real n****
Bring another b**** for a real n****
Go on up for a real n****

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