Friendship to Last Lyrics

Méav Ní Mhaolchatha
Gura mise tha fo éislean
Moch sa mhaduinn is mi g'éirigh
Ò hì shiùbhlainn leat
Hì ri bhò hò ru bhì
Hì ri bhò hò rinn o ho
Ailein Duinn, ò hì shiùbhlainn leat

Ma 's e 'n cluasag dhuit a ghaineamh
Ma 's e leabaidh dhut an gheamainn

Ma 's e 'n t-iasg do choinlean geala
Ma 's e na ròin do luchd-faire

Dh'òlainn deoch ge b' oil le càch e
De dh'fhuil do choim 's tu 'n déidh do bhathadh

Brown-haired Alan
How sorrowful I am
Early in the morning rising

Chorus (after each verse):
Ò hì, I would go with thee
Hì ri bhò hò ru bhì
Hì ri bhò hò rinn o ho
Brown-haired Alan, ò hì, I would go with thee

If it is thy pillow the sand
If it is thy bed the seaweed

If it is the fish thy candles bright
If it is the seals thy watchmen
I would drink, though all would abhor it
Of thy heart's blood after thy drowning

(This is only a so far perception lyric in spanish, not just a translation in spanish).

Sána mi tierra y bendícela,
Santo de Tierra, mi Santo y mi Amado.
Al fin nos pudímos encontrar, mi Santo y mi Amado.

Heal my earth and bless my heart,
Saint of Earth and my Saint.
Finally we could find us again,
Saint of Earth and my Saint.
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