The Beast Lyrics

You can hear the thunder long before the storm
But you can't hear the lion when he stalks his prey
He's moving like a shadow, creeping up on you
And like a siren's call he's gonna have his way
You'd better run, forget your pride
Don't make a stand, just step aside
If you don't have what it takes, don't try to play, you'll lose your stakes
Remember this at least

It's the nature of the beast
It's the nature of the beast
You won't hear a footstep comin' up on you
Movin' like a snake he's in complete control
This killer knows his business, he is the predator
You are his only target, you're his only goal
What will you say, what will you do?
Your wildest nightmare's comin' true
There is nothing you can say, no way to change, he won't delay
This cain will have his feast

Solo - Eddie

If you play you're bound to lose, don't roll the dice, don't turn the screw
Just listen to the priest

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