King Eternal Lyrics

All men condemned by men to die
d***ed by blind b**** in hallowed halls
Hear it, heed this call:
Oh f****** eternal

Infinity's hourglass will measure all measure all
So, power

Cover your b****
'Cause we swing kung fu

Oh f****** eternal
Oh f****** eternal

Afraid of thunder children, so hide your ears
Hope your fortress holds up for many many many years
Shudder, it's a shame
Lightning, call the game
Send us up a baby boy
Let the smoke carry his name
If it's a girl let her shine

We will be

Oh f****** eternal
The hour of man is nigh
So gather up all supplies
And stack 'em up high
Stack 'em up high

Faith, Nathan I could see it in your eyes
Warmth, Nathan I can see it in your eyes

Golden houses, silver brides
Immortal erection, tongues untied

Oh f****** eternal
Oh f******
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